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New Full HD mini camera with output flexibility

New Full HD mini camera with output flexibility

We have recently introduced our new Full HD color board-level camera featuring a low power 1/3” CMOS image sensor. The new 24C46X-2 camera series offers a 2.1 MP (1920x1080) resolution with a frame rate of 30/25 fps. With its small size, robust design, and twisted pair and coaxial output options, the 24C46X-2 is ideal for a wide range of space-limited applications.

Videology 24C46x-2 board-level camera options

Choosing the 24C46X-2 would bring the latest imaging technology to your application, without compromising unit size.

The redesigned 24C46X-2 camera is a perfect fit for projects that involves an upgrade of an old standard definition camera to Full HD, regardless of the existing twisted pair or coaxial cabling. Users can achieve significant time, effort, and cost savings by leveraging the existing wiring. Over twisted pair, 24C46X-2 supports high-definition transmission over 300m (950ft), whereas over coaxial cabling, the HD transmission distance goes up above 500m (1,600ft). Both TVI and AHD video interfaces are supported with these two output options.

24C46X-2 data transmission kits

Both twisted pair (left) and coaxial (right) options are shown with the I²C board. Connected to a USB port of a computer.


This compact, double-board camera is only 15mm x 15mm (0.59” x 0.59”) in size and can tolerate temperature ranges from -30°C to 60°C (-22°F to 140°F). It supports 4.0 - 5.5V voltage and has less than 0.5lux sensitivity.  

The camera is computer controllable via an I2C interfaceTo communicate with the camera Videology offers an optional communication kit with wire leads, control software (24C46 camera control), and an updater tool. Once the I²C board driver is installed correctly, the GUI tool can be used to control most aspects of the camera.

GUI tool and camera configuration 24C46X-2

GUI tool for camera control


The easy-to-use GUI tool for 24C26X-2 allows adjustments on basic image controls as well advanced adjustments on exposure, white balance, color, backlight, sharpness and notice reduction, lens shading, analog output, and camera register controls.

Cameras from the 24C46X-2 series are also available in a housed version with the flexibility of mounting a pinhole, M12, or CS lens, depending on your application and imaging requirements. You can use our focal length calculator to help you determine the correct focal length of the lens needed for your application. 

The benefits of 24C46X-2 at a glance

  • Excellent image quality - with 1080p / Full HD resolution
  • Compact dimensions – 15mm x 15mm (0.59” x 0.59”)
  • Twisted-pair and coaxial output options
  • I2C  program control over a simple GUI tool
  • Optional communication kit
  • Housing options with different lens mount capabilities
  • Long product life cycle and support 
  • Fully designed, tested, and manufactured at Videology facilities 

A selection of industrial applications for 24C46X-2

From the very beginning, the new 24C46X-2 cameras have been specifically designed for small and confined space applications. With its compact form and lightweight, you can now develop small but powerful embedded applications at lower costs. Some typical applications of 24C46X-2 include but, not limited to: 

  • Drones and UAVs 
  • Biomedical devices
  • Pipe inspection
  • Aerospace
  • Mass Transit 
  • Kiosks & ATMs
  • and more!

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