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Videology Industrial-Grade Cameras

We are a global custom camera developer & manufacturer serving major medical, industrial, aerospace, & other key markets for over 25 years.

Do you need a custom embedded camera for your application?

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Below you will find our selection of cameras proudly designed and assembled in the USA and EU.

Videology's Latest Technology Platform Is Now Here

We are the first to market the newest in AI and edge computing for a zoom block camera.

SCAiLX-ZB comes with ideal SWaP and is highly cost effective. Paired with our 10x to 40x Zoom Block cameras, our SCAiLX platform can be used in diverse applications:

  • Embedded Edge AI in one compact solution

  • Size as small as 42x42mm that fits into a 10x Zoom Block camera

  • Platform engineered and developed fully inhouse by Videology

  • Built on NXP architecture, i.MX 8M Plus System on Module (SoM)

  • Multiple connection capabilities

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SCAiLX-ZB AI on the Edge
2mp ip board camera

OEM/ODM ready IP board camera

We are introducing a new 200-camera series, the first camera in the line-up will be the 201-IP-462, a single board, color IP camera. The camera has Full HD 1080p image resolution with the powerful 1/2.8" Sony IMX462 STARVIS 2MP image sensor at its core.

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Embedded Camera Solutions

Customized Embedded Camera Solutions

For over 25 years, when you need an embedded camera, we have led the way.

We are an integral, trusted global supply OEM partner and have been since 1995. Our industrial cameras are designed and engineered into a wide variety of applications with partners ranging from the most inventive companies to industrial pioneers. Proudly built in the USA and the EU.

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Videology markets served

Embedded Camera Markets Served

Since 1995, our cameras are designed and engineered into a wide variety applications.

We work with the world's most respected and inventive global OEMs, to smaller firms, making immediate impacts in the world. Our cameras can be found on every continent, under the earth, under the oceans, up in the skies and even into space.

A key speciality market for us has become medical devices. Our cameras can be found in advanced microscopy, endoscopy, spectroscopy, ophthalmology diagnostics applications and many others.

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Videology moved to High Tech Campus HTC5

Engineered in Eindhoven

Our Center of Engineering Excellence is located at the High Tech Campus (HTC) in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The HTC is Europe's most innovative square kilometer and operates as a hub for technology, R&D and innovation.

Known as the "Silicon Valley of Europe", our team at HTC in the Netherlands is the best in the imaging industry. Situated in a vibrant home that complements their expertise, our team delivers the excellence you deserve as a Videology client, the world over.

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Photo-ID cameras and Badging ID solutions

Class Leader in Photo ID

For over 20 years videology has been the leader in premium Photo ID cameras and partner for top access control systems around the globe.

In 2022 was the upgraded and REAL ID optimized 24C708AF-1.

  • Synchronized USB powered LED flash for consistent high quality images in any environment

  • FHD progressive scan sensor for ultra clear 1920x1080 still images

  • USB 2.0 bus provides power, camera & flash control

  • Standard UVC & twain compliant

  • A full SDK for customer application integrations

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Videology's Help Center and FAQ

Videology's Help Center

Do you have the correct drivers? Want to fix the image brightness on your photo ID camera? These are the sort of questions we are being asked and love to answer.

With 25 years of imaging experience, the question you have might already have answers!

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Videology LinkedIn, latest news and events

Videology on LinkedIn

Videology on LinkedIn

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