Class Leader In Photo ID

Class Leader In Photo ID

Videology Photo ID cameras
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**Under ideal conditions with respect to face distance, lighting, FOV, motion & software

A Class Leader In Photo ID Cameras For More Than 20 Years

A Videology Photo ID camera is a specialized camera designed specifically for capturing high-quality identification photos. Its primary purpose is to capture images that meet the requirements for official identification documents such as passports, driver's licenses, ID cards, and visas. For over 20 years, Videology has been the trusted source for Photo ID cameras, partnering with access control systems around the globe.

Our cameras are equipped with high-resolution sensors to capture clear and detailed images of the person being photographed. It ensures that important details such as facial features, skin tone, and hair color are accurately represented. With these precise details, photos are always clear, sharp, and accurate. 

Videology Photo ID cameras are designed to provide consistent results across different lighting conditions and environments. Synchronized built-in LED flash ensures proper illumination during the photo-capturing process. This helps minimize shadows, glares, and other lighting-related issues that could affect the image quality. 

Top Choice Camera for REAL ID Compliant Photo IDs 

Under ideal conditions with respect to face distance, lighting, FOV, motion & software, you can take facial photographs with Videology Photo ID cameras that are REAL ID compliant. Our Photo ID Cameras also have CE and UL compliance certificates. Additionally, we have been a proud partner of the Identification Systems Group (ISG) for many years. 

How Does Photo ID Badging Work? 

Photo ID badging is a process that involves creating and issuing identification badges or cards that include a person's photograph along with other relevant information. Here's a general overview of how photo ID badging typically works:

  1. Photo Capture: A dedicated Videology Photo ID camera is used to capture the individual's photograph. Our cameras ensure high-quality image capture, adhering to specific requirements such as proper lighting, framing, and resolution. The person is typically posed against a neutral grey backdrop to ensure clarity and focus on the subject. 

  2. Photo Transfer  Once the photograph is captured it is sent to an ID badging system, where you can view and edit images instantly. Videology Photo ID cameras are TWAIN compliant (download our free TWAIN Data Source). This support enables easy integration with any 3rd party ID badging or access control system. Videology also has full SDK available for easy integration into these applications.

  3. ID Card Printing: You can choose from a wide range of ID Card Printers from any 3rd party major brands. 

All Videology Photo ID cameras can work seamlessly with your current ID card badging software and printer. If you have questions about Videology Photo ID cameras make sure to check our Help Center for Photo ID cameras. If your question is not listed here or need further information and assistance, please contact a Videology representative to discuss your specific needs for a Photo ID solution. We will be happy to help!

(Please note that Videology does not manufacture or supply any ID badging software, system, or ID card printer.)

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