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Class Leader In Photo ID

Class Leader In Photo ID

Photo-id cameras
real id compatible cameras
**under ideal conditions wrt face distance, lighting, FOV, motion & software

Videology, Your Source for Premiere Photo ID Badging Cameras!

For over 20 Years Videology has been the leader in Photo ID cameras and partner for top access control systems around the globe. We have been a proud member for ISG for many years!

New for 2022 is the Upgraded and REAL ID Optimized 24C708AF-1.

  • Synchronized USB powered LED flash for consistent high quality images in any environment

  • FHD progressive scan sensor for ultra clear 1920x1080 still images

  • USB 2.0 bus provides power, camera & flash control

  • Standard UVC & Twain compliant

  • A full SDK for customer application integrations

Our 24M709AF 5MP camera is also UVC compliant and comes with True Auto Focus. There are 6 LEDs on the front of the camera and a manual dial on the side allows for customized LED intensity. For more information on Videology’s Photo ID cameras, please contact a sales representative for more information.

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