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New engineering talent joins Videology!

New engineering talent joins Videology!

We are pleased to announce the hiring of new engineering team members based in Eindhoven!

  • Kobus Goosen has joined Videology as an Embedded Software/Hardware Engineer and hails from South Africa. 

  • Angela Fernandes has joined Videology as an Electronics Engineer and hails from Portugal. 

They both have made the move to our offices in Eindhoven. We are so happy and grateful they have joined the team! Welcome, Welkom, Bem-vindo! We look forward to the great innovation, and the new and fresh ideas they will bring to the company! 

Ed Woytaszek- Videology's Global Product and Engineering Manager welcome them both by saying:

"Kobus brings 9 years of embedded software experience to the Videology team. His experience and skillset add to our growing engineering team, helping to increase our new product development pipeline. We are looking forward to his contributions to our new product lineup!

As a recent college graduate, Angela brings fresh ideas and diversity to the Videology engineering team. Angela is excited to learn about our products and begin to contribute to our new designs. I am looking forward to seeing her input and ideas for our new products for many years to come!"

Kobus adds: 

"Coming to Videology represents an opportunity to enter the burgeoning field of AI and to learn more about camera technology. I am also excited to get back to electronic hardware design. Apart from cameras and AI, I am passionate about power electronics, control systems, and robotic motion systems. I'm excited to rub shoulders with the greats in the tech hub that is Eindhoven, and to learn more as part of the Videology team." 

Angela Fernandes brings an intelligent eye and new ideas. We, at Videology, are looking forward to seeing this young engineer thrive in the great community spirit of the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven has to offer.

Angela states that:

"Coming from an academic background focused on communications electronics, getting my career started at Videology is a sure way to extend my knowledge - while learning from a team of experienced engineers everything there is to know about cameras. Moving to another country has obviously been a great challenge, but also a great manner of broadening my horizons and exploring a totally different culture. I am very excited about joining Videology and being a part of the team!"  - and in her native Portuguese: 

"Tendo uma experiência académica mais focada em Eletrónica para comunicações, começar a minha carreira na Videology é com certeza uma forma de extender os meus conhecimentos – enquanto aprendo com uma equipa de engenheiros experienciados tudo o que há para saber sobre câmaras. A mudança para outro país tem sido obviamente um desafio, mas também uma ótima maneira de ampliar os meus horizontes e explorar uma cultura totalmente diferente. Estou muito entusiasmada por me juntar à Videology e fazer parte da equipa!"

Johan Sheepmaker - Videology's Commercial Director and Site Director for Videology EU adds,

 "Angela could work anywhere. As is well known, the world needs young talented technical-minded professionals. We are therefore very happy that Angela is starting her career in Videology. We look forward to seeing her work with her exceptional engineering talent, helping us develop new innovative cameras in the future. We are happy to have you in our midst Angela and look forward to your great qualities adding to the Videology Team and product line, for a long time to come. Welcome to Videology Industrial-Grade Cameras!

Kobus Goosen has quite a few years of expertise in embedded systems and will bring a completely new skill set to Videology. " Johan continues: 

"Kobus Goosen is an experienced engineer that has been working for a famous company (the biggest) in Eindhoven. No reason to leave you would think. But Kobus wanted a company where he is not a number but really can make a difference. To be creative and work on his own projects from A to Z. This is what he found with Videology. Kobus clearly adds value to our engineering team. With his impressive hardware and software skills, he will bring us new products with innovative features. His first project is the IMX8-SOM-2MIPI development. Since Kobus is on board the development has accelerated. Kobus, where have you been all this time? We truly welcome you on board and look forward to long and successful employment." 

Romke Kats - Videology's Lead Senior Electronics Engineer welcomes both Kobus and Angela to the Team in Eindhoven, he states: 

"Kobus joined the engineering team in April. He will take on the IMX8 project, which is a new advanced development direction for Videology that will turn the existing camera’s into IP streaming cameras and by adding the option of Artificial Intelligence, which will make cameras smart. Kobus will help Videology secure existing zoom block markets and go to new markets by developing add-on technology allowing customers access to new features."

and about Angela, Romke states, 

"Angela joined the engineering team in June. She has completed her master’s degree in electronics and telecommunication and she now started her first development task for Videology. Angela will help develop a new generation of industrial cameras and help Videology to develop new product lines that meet market demands." 

Videology wishes our new team members much success for a long future career in the fast-growing world of embedded industrial cameras!

We are a global company and always looking to hire more engineers and talent to help us climb new frontiers in the photonics market. Join our team and apply today!  


 The High Tech Campus in Eindhoven 




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