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The right move: Our office at the heart of a vibrant innovation ecosystem

The right move: Our office at the heart of a vibrant innovation ecosystem

The beginning of 2022 has been another milestone for Videology, as our European location moved to High Tech Campus (HTC) Eindhoven in the Netherlands. HTC is known as the smartest square kilometer in the world! Every day, 12,500 smart people from 260 different companies work together on future technologies and innovations.

Being at the front end of innovation, our team in the Netherlands is the best in the imaging industry, working in an atmosphere where the best engineers on the planet collaborate for the technologies of tomorrow. Every day we incubate great new ideas on what we do best; custom-designed embedded cameras in this dynamic environment.

A community of bright minds at HTC

The High Tech Campus, which was originally Philips` own location for research and development activities, opened its gates to other companies in 2003. The campus ensures that all facilities a company needs to be successful are available. An office, a technical room as well shared research facilities such as cleanrooms and other equipment are all accessible within the campus. Do you need a microscope? You can rent one for an hour. Do you need a lab? Just walk in and you can get started. 

HTC facilitates and leads the way in high-tech innovation. It acts as a bridge between disciplines, markets, companies, and nationalities. The campus attracts companies and research institutes from all over the world engaging in advanced high-tech research and development. This includes research and development activity in the area of high-tech systems, nanotechnology, embedded systems, smart pharma, life sciences, as well as security and encryption.

The campus does everything it can to give the world the opportunity of benefiting from this community of bright minds. HTC Site Management team organizes an event almost every day, including tech conferences, workshops, seminars, sports events and more.

Videology European operations in HTC

From technology festivals to nature walks, events are organized almost every day on the HTC.


“Being on the High Tech Campus has many advantages as it allows our engineers to connect to other companies and other engineers easily. The HTC has many facilities that Videology can make use of, like other design resources and capabilities. You can hear about a recent technology advancement or a new idea over lunch.” says Romke Kats, Videology Senior Electronics Engineer.

“The many restaurants and lunchrooms are shared by everyone, which makes it easy to connect to other people from other companies. The atmosphere on the HTC feels like there buzz of activity and smart things happening, which is addictive and provides energy for creativity and new ideas. The HTC itself is attractive for people in the technology sector to work, which makes finding new employees easier, as working at the HTC has become the goal by itself.”

The most sustainable Campus in Europe by 2025

High Tech Campus Eindhoven has set itself an ambitious goal: to become the most sustainable Campus in Europe by 2025. A key area in this ambitious goal is the ecological management of its green areas and its attention to people and nature. The combination makes it possible that at least 150 different animal species to coexist in HTCs with its 12,500 residents.

We get regular invites from HTC to join walks through the campus and learn about all the highlights of the HTCE sustainability and biodiversity initiatives, and why they matter for people and nature. We then get a chance to discover the beautiful nature of the campus and visit the bees making high-tech honey at our farmhouse.

Sheep at HTC

High-tech sheep as the lawn movers at HTC!


We also have herds of sheep either “mowing” the grass on campus or moving to their next pasture where we have to wait for them before parking our cars. The Discovery Forest, near Nemo Daycare Center, is a new ecological initiative that promotes biodiversity. The Discovery Forest is a place where children play, enjoy nature and learn about sustainability. Children at the daycare even helped plant trees in the forest.

To further contribute to sustainability, we put our compost machine to work and use compost made from coffee grounds and other organic waste to create the Discovery Forest. Have a gardening project? Then as a campus employee, we can even take some free compost home!

Videology Europe operates in HTC in Netherlands

Videology Industrial-Grade Cameras
High Tech Campus 5
5656 AE Eindhoven
The Netherlands
+31 40 7200159


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