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Videology and Scailable join forces for powerful Edge AI solutions

Videology and Scailable join forces for powerful Edge AI solutions

In this very recent partnership announcement, the manufacturer of SCAiLX IP/AI Edge cameras Videology and AI middleware company Scailable have joined forces to allow effortless deployment and management of AI models. With this collaboration, our SCAiLX-ZB cameras become instantly “AI-ready” through the integration of Scailable Edge AI middleware on our devices. Let's dive deeper into the significance of this collaboration and the potential it holds for the future.

This powerful collaboration between Videology and Scailable, integrating their advanced Edge AI middleware with our SCAiLX-ZB units, is set to transform the AI software tooling landscape for our Edge AI cameras.

Johan Scheepmaker, Director of Sales & Operations Europe, Videology commented: "This partnership comes at a time when companies specializing in different aspects of the AI ecosystem are recognizing the significance and potential of Edge AI. Device and hardware manufacturers like us, application platform developers, model makers, and AI accelerators all cluster around platforms that enable easy-to-create and deploy Edge AI solutions. The Scailable Middleware allows us to offer end-to-end Edge AI solutions while keeping focused on our own core competency and expertise in camera development.” 

“Videology is building this amazing smart camera product, SCAiLX-ZB. It is a high-end camera, a hardware that is ready for Edge AI. We are happy to offer SCAiLX-ZB users a shorter go-to-market time and the ability to quickly iterate their own Edge AI solutions through our Scailable Middleware.”  stated Maurits Kaptein, Co-founder and CEO, Scailable.

What is an Edge AI Middeware?

Edge AI middleware refers to a software layer or framework that facilitates easy deployment and execution of artificial intelligence (AI) models on edge devices. The Scailable Middleware acts as a bridge between the hardware resources of edge devices (SCAilX-ZB) and the AI models that need to run on these devices.

Conceptual overview

A visual presentation of the hardware, system, middleware, and AI model layers


The Scailable Middleware can be best visualized as a pipeline, which sits in between the hardware and application layers. The middleware interfaces the sensor input from the SCAiLX-ZB camera and allows for highly efficient inferences using virtually any AI model. Additionally, the middleware can be configured to capture examples for (re-)training of the AI models. The middleware layer installed on the device allows application builders to focus on the application needs rather than system details, which will speed up application development and deployment significantly. The Edge AI management platform accompanying the Scailable Middleware also enables managed deployment of AI models at the edge, without relying heavily on cloud-based processing.

Benefits of Scailable Middleware enabled SCAiLX-ZB

With this strategic alliance, our SCAiLX-ZB cameras are transformed into smart cameras with advanced Edge AI machines. Users of our SCAiLX-ZB cameras will gain instant access to a vast ecosystem of AI/ML modeling platforms and model training libraries, which will significantly reduce their time to market with their own AI solutions. This integration with the Scailable Middleware ensures your model and application remain yours and SCAiLX-ZB runs your AI models easily and securely.

Moving your Edge AI solution out into the field rapidly, and managing the solution remotely is a challenging and considerably complex task. Maurits Kaptein`s article “The challenges of scaling edge AI solutions” addresses these challenges and how on-device pipelines from Scailable can reduce the time it takes to build an Edge AI solution, start-to-end from months to days, sometimes to minutes. 

Close collaboration between Videology and Scailable

Close collaboration between Maurits Kaptein, Co-founder and CEO of Scailable (on the left) and Hans Hageman, Development Program Manager of Videology (on th right) fostered this strategic partnership


We look forward to witnessing the transformative impact of this partnership on the imaging solutions industry as it paves the way for a smarter future with Edge AI solutions.

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