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New Videology Zoom Block cameras: 55x and 30x optical zooming

New Videology Zoom Block cameras: 55x and 30x optical zooming

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of two new autofocus zoom block cameras. These new Videology Zoom Block cameras have 55x and 30x optical zooming, both with LVDS output. Equipped with high-resolution lenses and fast autofocus speeds, Videology Zoom Block cameras generate high-quality images even in low-light environments.  

Technical Highlights

To help guide you as to what features are available on our newly released 30x Zoom Block camera and 55x Zoom Block camera, you can refer to the technical specifications table below. 


30x Zoom Block Camera

(SKU 24Z2.1WS-30X-LVDS-385)

55x Zoom Block Camera

(SKU 24Z2.1W-55X)

Sensor  1/2" Sony Exmor CMOS 1/2.8” IMX335 Sony STARVIS CMOS
Zoom Ratio Optical 30x, Digital 32x Optical 55x, Digital 32x
Frame Rate 60/50 fps 30/25 fps
Resolution 1080p (1920x1080)
Min. Illumination (1/30s)  0.15 lux (Color)0.01 lux     (B&W) 0.02 lux (Color)0.002 lux (B&W)
Lens Focal Length 6mm ~ 180mm 4.25mm ~ 234mm
Aperture Ratio F1.5 (Wide) ~ F4.3 (Tele) F1.6 (Wide) ~ F4.95 (Tele)
Image Stabilization
Digital Noise Reduction Yes
Digital Slow Shutter(DSS) Yes
Dimensions 55.6mm x 64mm x 124mm (2.19"x2.52"x4.88") 54mm x 64mm x 101mm (2.13"x2.52"x3.98")
Weight 410g (14.46oz) 335g (12.5oz)
Power 9-15 VDC
Current Consumption 250mA 540mA
Operating Temperature -10° to 50° C (14° to 140° F)
Control Board (optional)  SKU 60MC0002


Are you looking for more technical speciations? You can download the datasheets here:    

30x-LVDS Zoom Block Data sheet

55x-LVDS Zoom Block Data sheet



Raising the bar for high-quality imaging

High-quality imaging requires a combination of features that work together to produce clear, detailed, and accurate images. By selecting the Videology Zoom Block camera with these features, you can ensure that your images meet your expectations and deliver the desired results.

  • Optical Zoom + Digital Zoom

    Combined optical and digital zooming capability provides sharp and clear images even at high zoom ratios. 

  • Image Stabilization

    Digital image stabilization (also called electronic image stabilization (EIS)) reduces image blurring through a correction effect. Notably useful when zooming ratios are maximized, as cameras become more sensitive even to the slightest motion. 

  • Noise Reduction

    Digital noise reduction filters noise from the image providing clearer images, especially in low-light conditions.

  • Digital Slow Shutter (DSS)

    When turned on, this function increases sensitivity by increasing exposure times and permits shooting clear images where illumination is very low.

  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

    Ideal for situations with a variety of changing lighting conditions such as backlight, variable ambient illumination, or high-contrast environments. 

  • Intelligent Motion Detection

    This function triggers alerts when motion is detected in designated areas. 

  • Progressive Scan

    Enhances and reduces interlacing artifacts when viewing details in a moving image as such in ANPR/LPR applications. 

  • Easy Set Up

    Settings of the zoom block camera can be implemented using the OSD control board (optional).

A wide range of applications

As already mentioned in our "Past, Present and Future of Videology Zoom Block Cameras" blog post, Videology Zoom Block cameras offer fast autofocusing and optical zoom functions. Their compact form shielded with anodized aluminum chassis around makes them an ideal camera choice to be embedded into a wide variety of applications.

Some sample applications where zoom block cameras are used include gimbal applications, traffic monitoring, drones, UAVs, defense, aerospace, medical and life sciences. 

Do you need a reliable camera in a block? Let us know about your application in the comments below. 

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