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Light at the end of the tunnel: Videology pipe inspection cameras

Light at the end of the tunnel: Videology pipe inspection cameras

Inspection cameras used in pipelines, plumbing systems and storm drains are designed to help professionals inspect and diagnose problems in pipes and sewer systems. A visual inspection is the key to identifying existing or potential problems in these hard-to-reach structures. Usually located under the ground, drains, sewers, manholes and other pipelines are confined spaces that a human eye cannot physically reach.

Pipe inspection cameras eliminate the guesswork and the need for costly, time-consuming excavations. They are essential tools for inspectors who need to inspect pipes and sewer systems quickly and accurately. By using these cameras, they can diagnose problems more efficiently and make repairs or improvements with greater confidence.


Videology Industrial-Grade cameras for pipe and sewer inspection

The inspectors rely on the top imaging aids to be their “eye” in assessing hard-to-reach pipe conditions. The higher quality of the video image, the better decisions they can make. The challenging environment of pipes and sewers also requires a small, reliable, and long lifespan solution. Videology has been a proud supplier of industrial-grade SD cameras for more than 20 years, providing clear images in order to get the hard and dirty work done.

SD and HD comparison from pipe inspection cameras

Videology cameras provide clear, high-quality images for various pipe and sewer inspection tools  


With the emerging video technologies over the past few years, we developed new Full HD cameras tailored for pipe inspection solutions. Developed with great care and input from our key clients leading the pipe inspection market, our new cameras are ready to transition the industry from SD to Full HD now.


Common Features of Videology Pipe Inspection Cameras

Videology Pipe Inspection Cameras Common Features


Videology offers Full HD and SD camera models that are a perfect fit for any imaging task in pipe and sewer inspection. Their small size allows for optimal design-in flexibility and makes them a perfect fit for all confined spaces and environmentally demanding applications. 

Being a global leader in the design, engineering and manufacturing of industrial-grade embedded video cameras for more than 25 years, we know the importance of maintaining dimensional consistency and interoperability across product generations in this continually evolving domain. That`s why our dimensionally standardized and interoperable camera series reduce your application development time and maintenance costs, resulting in low integration costs for upgrading to our new camera technologies.

Pipe Inspection Cameras

Videology cameras are tailored for use in pushrod systems, robotic crawlers, relining systems, inline inspections, pipeline rehabilitation, and trenchless imaging solutions


our new 1080P Full HD cameras FOR PIPE INSPECTION

24C46X-2 Series with twisted pair and coaxial output

This Full HD color board-level camera features a low power 1/3” CMOS image sensor. The 24C46X-2 camera series offers a 2.1 MP (1920x1080) resolution with a frame rate of 30/25 fps. With its small size, robust design, and twisted pair and coaxial output options, the 24C46X-2 is ideal for a wide range of space-limited applications.

pipe inspection camera 24C46X-2 series

EX-SDI Autofocus 10x zoom block camera 

The 10x optical zoom camera with 2.13MP resolution provides sharper pictures with maximum detail. The miniaturization and sturdy design of 24Z2.1W-10X-EXSDI-462 allow for optimal design-in flexibility for most pipeline inspection and rehabilitation equipment. EX-SDI is a 100% digital signal, making it less susceptible to noise, interference, and image degradation over distances up to 500m (1650 ft).

A common feature of all Videology Zoom Block cameras is interoperability and dimensional consistency from one product generation to the next which saves money and engineering effort. 

zoom block 24z2.1w-10x-lvds


Other Videology pipe inspection cameras that have been long-in-service

These compact-form, easy-to-integrate, tailored camera series have been around for around 20 years and are still in use for a wide range of space-limited applications.

Ultra Mini Round Board Camera 

This completely round-shaped board level camera has been developed specifically for confined-space applications. With the 2XRD45S series OEMs confidently develop small, light and low-cost solutions for any hard-to-reach, demanding environment.   

mini round board camera 20rd45s

Low Power camera with Ultra Wide Temperature and Vibration specification

2XB45 series is a heavy-duty camera family with an exceptionally long life span. Designed for embedding into tight spaces, they offer maximum flexibility for high-volume imaging projects. 

mini board camera 20b45x

Camera for visual inspections in small spaces

With its small footprint, the 2XRD45 is just another proof of Videology`s commitment to maintaining dimensional consistency and interoperability across product generations. 2XRD45 carries exactly the same outline as a former model kept in production for 10 years. 

pipe inspection board camera 20rd45


on the horizon: the upcoming Videology pipe inspection cameras 

Our engineering and production teams are currently working on two new cameras that would suit the needs of inspection equipment and tool developers. The new 1080p and 480p cameras under development both come with a size of 22mmx26mm (0.86"x1") on a single board. According to our product roadmap, the Full HD 1080p camera will have AHD/TVI, MIPI outputs and support USB connectivity, while the SD 480p camera will support CVBS and USB interfaces.


SCAILX-ZB by VideologySCAiLX-ZB cameras can detect, analyze, and compare images right at the device level, driving new opportunities in wastewater and pipeline inspections  


Additionally, powered with models for image segmentation and object detection, our SCAiLX Edge AI device platform will be a game changer in wastewater inspections. That is why switching to a high-quality Videology camera today will also make you future-proof for the Edge AI-based visual inspections of tomorrow with SCAiLX. 

Please contact your Videology Regional Sales Manager or use the form below to find the right Videology camera for your equipment and application together.

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