Lens Handbook

Selecting The Correct Lens - A Reference Guide

Specifying the right lens for any video application is critical to configuring an effective system. This selection guide is intended to help develop an understanding of the basic information required to select the proper lens.



In specifying the lens consideration must be given to the following factors:

  • Field of view required (horizontal and/or vertical)
  • Distance to the subject
  • Available lighting
  • Consistency of lighting

Taken together, these factors will lead to a basic specification for a lens to meet the application (focal length, aperture, iris control, etc.).

When going through this process it is also important to keep in mind that all lenses are not created equally! The performance of a video lens is dependent on the engineering and manufacturing technology used to develop and build it. Lenses may have the same identifying characteristics (focal length, aperture, operating features) and deliver radically differing results in resolution, color correction, and uniformity.

At Videology all these factors are taken into consideration before any lens design is approved and added to our product line. We ensure that the customer receives the benefit of optimum lens quality and technology to meet the application requirements.


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