Videology CAD drawings of USB Lighting System

Videology’s core capability is image capture design and development, from schematics level to PCB layout to final production. We specialize in customization and routinely design custom interface circuitry, PC boards, and mechanical assemblies.

We also create and customize software and firmware and provide SDKs with USB and IP product designs.

Videology design engineers are experts in their fields. Mechanical engineers have full in-house 3D CAD capability and seasoned software engineers specialize in emerging technologies. Videology can provide multiple design concepts and offer a variety of options for the look and feel of the product. We leverage from a full range of video camera and image-acquisition products, including:

  • The most recent CCD and CMOS image sensors and DSP and CPLD components
  • Image resolutions ranging from VGA to 20+ megapixels
  • Families of USB 3.0,IP/Ethernet and EX-SDI box and board cameras
  • Full SDKs for custom integration
  • Extensive knowledge base within compression technologies, base band video, RF transmission, twisted pair, power supply engineering, and EMI suppression