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Photo ID cameras for credentialing

Photo ID cameras for credentialing

A brief history of Photo ID cameras starts with a trip on our way back machine. Going back to the year 1803 shows us that Napoleon Bonaparte was the first to implement a national ID system. The French emperor had nothing to be proud of given that his system was designed to prevent workers from switching jobs. 

Credentialing took a big step forward in 1876 at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with the first use of a photographic ID.2 Visitors to the exposition could only gain entrance by having their picture taken, creating a “photo ticket.”

A brief history of Photo IDs by Videology

Samples of Centennial Exhibition admission tickets [1]


Fast forward to 1960 to what can be considered the genesis of the smart card, when Forrest Parry, an engineer with IBM, had the ingenious idea of adhering a magnetic stripe onto a plastic card. Parry’s wife, Dorothea, should rightfully share equal credit for the invention. When Forrest couldn’t figure out how to make the stripe stick to cards, Dorothea suggested he melted them on with her iron[2]

What is credentialing? 

Credentialing is the process of granting a designation, such as a certificate or a license, by assessing an individual's knowledge, skill, or performance level. Photo ID plays an essential role as part of the credentialing process with image capture, display, and print capabilities.

Videology photo id cameras for access control

Credentialing and access control industry is dependent on Photo ID cameras for  printing secure ID cards and badges


Usage of Videology photo id cameras for credentialing 

Packing dphoto-id videologyata onto devices used for credentialing and access control - from fobs to ID badges - has continued to evolve rapidly with digitalization, now driving a revolution in the multibillion-dollar “smart credentialing” industry. This very broad category includes everything from a basic ID badge for site visitors to sophisticated blockchain-based smart credentialing systems. One thing is certain, we will still need Photo ID Cameras to take the picture.  

For over 20 years, Videology Photo ID cameras are commonly used for visitor management, enrollment, border patrol, passports, and driver’s license applications around the globe. Our professional-grade Photo ID cameras and systems are trusted by governments and large institutions, where ease of use, security, robustness, support and compliance with standards play a key role in choosing the right camera for producing photo-quality ID cards.


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