Camera Lenses


Megapixel M-12 & CS Mount Lenses

Megapixel Lenses
  • All megapixel lenses are IR corrected so the image stays in focus both day and night
  • Fixed focal lenses
    - pinhole mount , M-12 mount , CS mount
  • Varifocal lenses
    - M-12 mount, M-14 mount
  • Fish-eye, non-distortion

Board Mount Camera Lenses

Board Mount Lenses
  • Fixed focal M-9 lenses
    - pinhole semi-cone, M-9 mount
  • Fixed focal M-12 lenses
    - pinhole cone, pinhole flat, M-12 mount
  • Varifocal M-12 lenses
  • Varifocal M-14 lenses

C & CS Mount Camera Lenses

C/CS Mount Lenses
  • Fixed Focal CS mount lenses
  • Varifocal CS mount lenses