Linux Drivers

Linux drivers support Ubuntu Linux versions 2.6.31 through 2.6.39.

We are developing and testing versions 3.0 and later ON AN AS- NEEDED BASIS BY OEM PRIORITIZATION.

For other derivatives of the Linux operating systems in particular Red Hat, Debian, Fedora, we will be developing those versions of the driver later.

For OEM customers with sufficient quantities this effort can be redirected to support their version of the Linux operating system.

Application note (.pdf)


For Products:
20K13USB-C | 21K13USB-C
20K14USB-C | 21K14USB-C
20K15USB-C | 21K15USB-C
20K75XUSB-C | 21K75XUSB-C
20K758USB-SYS | 21K758USB-SYS

SFT-11020 (.zip)

For Products:

SFT-11021 (.zip)

For Products:

SFT-11022 (.zip)

For Products:

SFT-11023 (.zip)