Installing new software for empia/cypress based USB cameras

Replacing or updating the current Videology USB software package

  1. Close any programs using the camera, including Videology’s USB Viewer.
  2. Unplug the camera
  3. Uninstall old viewer (if installed).
    1. Go to the Windows control panel and open "Programs and Features". Uninstall Videology(vidousb) image/drivers. Click Uninstall.
  4. Re-install the viewer software
    1. To ensure you have the current most up to date software, download from our website here. Have your Videology model number ready for referral as to which software is needed. 
  5. Unzip and install new software.
  6. After software is installed, connect the Videology camera to the computer’s USB port.
    1.  Wait for the Windows notification message which says that the camera is ready to use.  Camera driver is now installed.
  7. Confirm the camera driver is installed
    1. Use the device manager to confirm that the driver listed for the camera under Imaging Devices. You will see the name listed within the cameras devices.
  8. Start the Videology viewer by clicking the icon on the desktop or from the start menu.