60D4-U I²C Programming and Test Tool

SFT-03001 Programming and Test Tool

I²C (Inter-Integrated Circuit, eye-squared-C), alternatively known as I2C or IIC, is a synchronous, multi-controller/multi-target, packet switched, single-ended, serial communication bus invented in 1982 by Philips Semiconductors. It is widely used for attaching lower-speed peripheral ICs to processors and microcontrollers in short-distance, intra-board communication.

NOTE: 60D4-U camera control system viewer software

For products:

20K13X | 21K13X
20K14X | 21K14X
20K15X | 21K15X
20D37X-01 | 21D37X-01
20D38X | 21D38X
20D38X/01 | 21D38X/01
20D439 | 21D439
20D479 | 21D479

Application note (.pdf)

SFT-03001 (.zip)