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24B1.3XUSB-VNEW! Vertical Sync Trigger added to Popular Monochrome MP USB Camera Board


August 30, 2012 - Greenville, RI USA/Uden, Netherlands

Videology is announcing a release of upgraded functionality on one of its popular USB camera boards within its extensive USB product lineup.

Triggerable instantaneous snapshots from streaming video are now possible with a vertical sync trigger on the 1.3 megapixel camera 24B1.3USB-V. This is the last in a series of fantastic industrial features already resident on this miniature 32 mm board level product.

The camera features two still image “Snapshot modes”. In the first mode, the camera will deliver a single frame image in response to a trigger command. This option is ideal for capturing single, randomly timed events, such as moving bar codes.

In the second mode, a single frame of video can be captured from the streaming video in response to a trigger signal.  Using the Vertical Sync output signal, the trigger pulse can be synchronized with the start of each video frame. This feature is ideal for synchronizing the snapshot with a strobe light.

Uncompressed USB 2.0 video streams at 24 frames per second in full 1280 x 1024 pixel resolution. Many resolution formats are also available up to 60 frames per second for display or capture.

The sensor is a high sensitivity 1/2” monochrome progressive scan, square pixel format and is optically centered in the lens mounts, which are metal CS/C mount or M-12 mount.

Two styles of USB connectors are available. One is a miniature JST 6-pin style to maintain minimum board size and one is a standard “Mini-B” version on a slightly larger board.

Power, camera control and video streaming are provided over a single cable from a computer's USB port.

A complete SDK is available as sample C code or a dot net wrapper. Viewer software is available for our WDM Device Drivers which are compatible with 32 bit and 64 bit Windows operating systems in XP®, Vista® and Windows 7®.  Videology Drivers are Direct Show and TWAIN compliant. A basic Linux driver is available in limited kernel versions of Ubuntu®. It can be ported to alternate Linux systems.

Many applications can benefit from this product. They range from Material Analysis, Industrial & Machine Vision, Traffic Counting and Monitoring, Bar Code reading to Life Sciences applications.

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