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NEW! Flash Option for Megapixel USB Photo ID & Identity System Camera


March 22, 2012 - Greenville, RI USA/Uden, Netherlands

Videology is announcing an integrated Flash option to further extend its expansive line of USB streaming video cameras used in Identity Systems and Photo ID enrollment.

The flash and camera is seamlessly powered over one single USB cable!

The flash is offered as a complete packaged unit specifically for the Megapixel fixed focus Photo ID cameras. It is not an add-on component but rather an integrated camera-flash unit. The model number is 24C7.38USB-F. Pricing is competitive.

The product is ultra compact, stylish and so easy to use. It automatically flashes when you do an image capture. There is no setup needed! A manual dial conveniently located on the side of the flash allows customized flash intensity for unique environments.

Videology’s SDK allows OEM’s to integrate the flash option in to their own specific software controls

All Videology Identity cameras have both Twain and Direct X drivers written specifically for them. All drivers are compatible with all popular Windows® operating systems.

As consumer electronic companies in this market segment, such as Canon, change out their SDK and models every 6 months or so, Videology continues to commit to its long history of sustaining a 5 year life cycle for BOTH hardware & software.

All Videology USB cameras stream live video as well as take single snapshots. The range of camera choices extends from a high end 10X zoom autofocus 2 MP w/ LED lighting integrated within a tip resistant stand to simple VGA webcam styles.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has certified Videology Imaging Solutions’ 24C7.38USB-F, and 24Z704USB streaming video cameras as FIPS 201 compliant. When used in facial image capturing systems, Videology’s USB cameras meet US federal government standards specifying Personal Identity Verification (PIV) requirements, ensuring full interoperability and compliance with existing as well as future PIV cards.

Videology’s USB cameras & systems continue to be a top choice for OEMs and integrators requiring high quality with a 5 year life time & support. They are ideal for simple visual identification as well as for integration into access control systems or biometric systems.

As with all our products, private labeling is offered for volume users.

The 24C7.38USB-F camera-flash unit is in stock and now shipping. Please contact for pricing.

Press inquiries may be directed to Carol Ethier, or call 401-949 5332, X12

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