SFT-07019 - USB 2.0 Viewer

SFT-07019. Videology's demo viewer is a type of proprietary software which is shared for our customers at no cost with limited functionality.

Latest USB 2.0 viewer software and drivers for 32bit and 64bit Windows operating systems (not Microsoft Digitally Certified).

You can download the latest SFT-0719 demo viewer and drivers here. Software Viewer SFT-07019 (.zip)

For products:

20B14XUSB | 21B14XUSB 20K75XUSB-C-1 | 21K75XUSB-C-1
20C11XUSB | 21C11XUSB 20K758USB-SYS | 21K758USB-SYS
20C20XW-USB | 21C20XW-USB 20K758USB-SYS-1 | 21K758USB-SYS-1
20C21XWUSB | 21C21XWUSB 24B1.3XUSB-C
20K13USB-C | 21K13USB-C 24C1.3XUSB
20K14USB-C | 21K14USB-C 24C1.3XUSB-C
20K15USB-C | 21K15USB-C 24C7.3XUSB
20K35XUSB | 21K35XUSB 24C7.3XUSB-F
20K45XUSB | 21K45XUSB 60V002USB-C
20K75XUSB-C | 21K75XUSB-C  


Downloadable Files

Software Viewer SFT-07019 (.zip)

Software manual (.pdf)

SDK Data Sheet (.pdf)