Videology's COVID-19 Response

October 29, 2020

In the event of upcoming potential Covid restrictions or limitations

Videology is deemed an ESSENTIAL GLOBAL SUPPLIER to multiple customers connected to government supply chains and certain medical supply chains, whether its our operation in USA or Europe, we keep actively operational and on site for your uninterrupted supply chain to any designated facility.

In the event of an outright disaster of any kind

Videology has a solid DISASTER PLAN. Any of your manufactured products in either our USA or EUROPE facility can be rapidly duplicated on either site. Both facilities are mirror imaged and process maintenance is in the Cloud.

We know that you need to depend on your imaging supplier and that is why you chose us. To all who have had issues with your imaging partner choice (or not) we would love to invite you to a virtual tour to meet our team: engineers, commercial, manufacturing and logistics and discuss our products and overall capabilities.

  • We maintain a life cycle of 5-7 years minimum on average
  • We design interactively to your requirements
  • We can manage your Global supply chain to various manufacturing sites
    - even occasionally arrange for your customer's orders