Security & Surveillance applications

Security & Surveillance Cameras

Videology manufactures a wide selection of IP network, digital and analog cameras and servers.

Responding to the increasing demand for decentralized design, Videology is focused on custom edge recording devices. Our edge-recording devices include a miniature 4-channel server and a hardened box camera with blast-resistant recording.

We also customize multi-channel high definition IP boards with up to 1080p throughputs. Our wide dynamic range cameras can be optimized for individualized WDR settings and our cameras utilize both Digital Pixel System and Sony WDR technologies.

Videology also manufactures standard cameras that security and surveillance OEMs and large-scale integrators look for when designing a system: high-resolution megapixel camera boards, cost-effective standard resolution fixed cameras, professional indoor surveillance with remote recording, IP-66 rated weather-resistant domes, and high-speed PTZ domes.