USB Photo Cameras for Identity Systems

ID Badging Cameras


ID Badging Camera SystemsLimitations and drawbacks of consumer webcam-based systems – in particular frequent changes to SDKs and product hardware – are overcome by Videology’s industrial-grade USB auto-focus zoom (AFZ) and fixed-focus photo ID cameras and systems.

Videology photo-ID badging systems are fully TWAIN compliant with drivers that will work with any operating system. Most cameras are WDM and DirectX compliant. Cameras and software can be customized to OEM specifications and have multiple performance options.

Videology’s USB photo ID systems are designed for the long-term and are ideal for simple visual identification as well as for biometrics applications including retinal scan, photo imaging, digital signatures, fingerprint imaging, smart cards, and facial recognition.

Spotlight – Videology’s photo ID badging systems are used by one of the largest membership-only retail warehouse clubs in North America.

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