Virtual pan, tilt, zoom camera

Virtual PTZ Board Camera

  • Virtual PTZ via VISCA or I²C Commands
  • 1/3" 2.4MP Image Sensor
  • 1080p 60/50fps 30/25fps
    ▪ 1080i 60/50 fps
    ▪ 720p 60/50/30/25 fps
  • Optical zoom equivalency is achieved to @2.7x magnification as you
    reduce from a 2 MP resolution image down to full screen VGA resolution
  • Digital Zoom up to 33x
  • Real Time True WDR
  • CVBS analog displayed in 16:9 or Native 4:3 (Cropped)
  • Controls via VISCA or I²C or UART
  • Extended SDI
    ▪ Transmissions to 500m (1,600 ft.)
    ▪ Latency <1 fps.
  • HD-SDI
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Image Sensor 2.4MP 1/2.86" Panasonic MN34422PL progressive scan sensor
Active Pixels 1944 (H) x 1092 (V)
Frame rate 60/50fps @ Full Resolution
Resolution Digital 1080p (30/25 fps)
Analog* >700 TVL (NTSC/PAL) *D-WDR mode only
Min. Illumination DSS: 1/30s Color: 0.5 lux, B&W: 0.1 lux
1/7.5s: Color: 0.02 lux, B&W: 0.025 lux
Gain Control (AGC) Off/ On
Exposure Auto/ Manual
Mirror/Flip Off/ H (mirror)/ V (flip)/ H&V
Video Format EX/HD-SDI: 16:9
CVBS: 16:9 or 4:3 selectable
Video Output EX-SDI : 270Mbps visually lossless compression thru 75Ω BNC connection
HD-SDI : 1.485 Gbps, (SMPTE 292M) thru 75Ω BNC connection
CVBS** : NTSC/PAL standard, 1Vp-p @75Ω composite
** CVBS has output buffer
WDR Real time to 120dB (HD-SDI only)
Digital 8x (HD-SDI and analog)
Regions of Interest (BLC) within WDR
Power 5VDC +/- 0.1V, polarity protection
Power Consumption <1.4 watts
Operating Temperature -20°C - 50°C (04°F - 122°F)
Operating Humidity 30%RH – 80%RH
VISCA Camera control via VISCA commands I²C or keyboard
Interface 3.3: UART, I²C or keyboard
Zoom Controls *** (VISCA, I²C)
  Preset zoomMotion
detect zoom
*** OSD cannot be used for zooming
Dimensions WxHxD 22mm x 26mm x 24mm (0.87" x 1.02" x 0.94") (with heat sink and lens mount)
Lens Mount Metal M-12 board
HD Transmission Distance
EX-SDI 500m (1,600ft.)
24PF2.45W dimensions
VISCA Camera Controller (VISCA command set required)
rev A compressed folder

The Videology Visca-Controller Graphical User Interface (GUI) Application.

The GUI is a Microsoft WindowsTM compatible utility which provides a convenient way to perform control of Videology cameras equipped with a VISCA communication interface.

VISCA Command Sets
rev A compressed folder

The descriptor file(s) (csv-file type), which describes the typical contents and characteristics of the VISCA Command (and Inquiry) messages of interest.

Optional Cables
60C1203 5pin Molex to flying leads
60C1182 H-FL to BNC cable (8")
Control Board   60MC0001
Receiver Packages
Coax 60TR0001 (270MHz ver 1.0)
UTP 60TR0004 (270MHz ver 1.0)
UTC 60TR0003 (270MHz ver 1.0)
Repeater Coax only 60RP0001 (270MHz ver 1.0)
Ordering Information
24PF2.45W-IN NTSC camera with Pan/Tilt/Zoom commands via I²C
24PF2.45W-IP PAL camera with Pan/Tilt/Zoom commands via I²C
24PF2.45W-VN NTSC camera with Pan/Tilt/Zoom commands via VISCA
24PF2.45W-VP PAL camera with Pan/Tilt/Zoom commands via VISCA
24PF2.45W-KN NTSC camera with Keyboard/OSD commands (future option)
24PF2.45W-KP PAL camera with Keyboard/OSD commands (future option)