Autofocus Zoom Blocks

Autofocus Zoom Block Cameras

Videology is pleased to advise that its entire portfolio of optical zoom camera modules are fully NDAA Section 889 compliant. These cameras, their chipsets, or other components capable of processing software are not sourced from the banned Chinese companies listed under the law. More details on the NDAA law is found here.

Zoom block cameras have revolutionized video project designs with their ability to autofocus at an infinite number of positions in a very small package. Videology Imaging Solutions offers a variety of zoom block cameras with features that benefit applications such as surveillance, traffic, pipe inspection and microscopy. With optical zoom cameras ranging from 10X to 36X, Videology meets the needs of most all applications, plus they come standard with 2MP sensors and a host of video output options.


Global Shutter Zoom Blocks

55.6mm x 64mm x 124mm

25Z2.4W-36X Global Shutter 36x Zoom Block Camera
Rolling Shutter Zoom Blocks

43mm x 44mm x 62.4mm

62mm zoom block series

50mm x 60mm x 93mm

93mm zoom block series

54mm x 64mm x 101mm

101mm zoom block series

55.6mm x 64mm x 124mm

124mm zoom block series