Multi Camera Power Supply, 60P2424-1

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The 60P24X camera power supply provides a unique series of features which allow easier installation, greater reliability and unequalled flexibility— all for a very economical price. It is ideal in any multi-camera installation, avoiding the need to tie up one electrical outlet per camera, and providing significant advantages over multiple plug-in transformers in safety, convenience, neatness and cost.

Power is provided by a UL Class II transformer, which is connected to a distribution board, providing screw terminal connections for the specified number of cameras. Input power is 120V AC. 220V models are available upon request.

Each output is protected by a (self-resetting SmartFuse). This reacts like a glass fuse but resets itself when the surge has passed or the fault is removed, eliminating costly service calls to replace blown fuses.

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Dimensions (WxHxD) 285.75 x 285.75 x 95.25mm (11.25" x 11.25" x 3.75")
Weight 5.9kg (13 lbs)
Camera Outputs 24
Each output protected by a 1.1 Amp self-resetting SmartFuse Positive Thermal Coefficient (PTC)
Power 12 Amps (max)
Voltage Input 110/120V AC
Voltage Output 24V AC
Current Output 12 Amps (max)
LEDs LED indicator light for AC power
60P24X diagram