USB Servers & Encoders

i-NETSTREAM H.264 Network Video Server

with Digital 8-bit BT.656 up to 1080p

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60SVM H.264 server board


Smallest H.264 HD Dual Stream Encoder for OEMs

  • 1 digital 8-bit 1080p and 1 analog asynchronous input stream to H.264/MJPEG encoding
  • High definition (H.264/MJPEG) dual streaming video up to 60fps
  • Ultra small 42mm x 42mm server board set
  • Video motion detection
  • Line in audio can be synchronized to video
  • 32GB of SD recording (no frame loss) with overwrite option
  • 10 second pre-alarm buffer
  • 4 GPIOs
  • GPS, LCD and other peripheral device interfaces (engineering evaluation boards available 60SVM1-E)
  • SDK will be PSIA compatible

60SVM (H.264 Network Video Server)

  • The powerful Linux based 60SVM processer encoder/decoder has an array of complimentary peripheral interface boards. Engineering boards/firmware for GPS and LCD are available
  • Specialty OEM based boards can be considered and discussed with our sales engineers
    (for high volume requirements)
  • SD card recording is implemented with both 72V0168 and 72V0198 mating boards
    • There is up to 10 sec. pre-roll, unlimited post roll (selectable with each event)
    • Events can be user named, color coded and time stamped
    • Setup options allow for continuous recording with overwrite
    • Recorded files are instantly portable to FTP sites with optional e-mail notification
    • Files are read with VLC, Quicktime or Windows Media Player
    • Up to 32GB SD cards can be used
Output Video Compression and Streams (Dependent on Input) H.264 Base, Main & High Profile/MJPEG
Dual streaming (H.264/ H.264, H.264/ MJPEG, MJPEG/ MJPEG)
Frame Rate/ Resolutions 1080p@15fps
720p/ D1/ CIF & VGA@60fps
Analog Analog video out option (future)
Input Video Formats HD, 1.3MP, NTSC, PAL, S-Video
Resolution 1 Digital 8-bit (BT656 or BT601) up to 1080p
1 Analog (Composite or YC) up to D1
Video Bit Rates Fixed/ Variable
Video Preprocessor Motion adaptive de-interlacing/cropping and scaling/ temporal and spatial filtering
Audio Compression AAC Encoding/ G.711 (optional)
Audio Bit Rates Fixed/variable resolution from 8 to 32 bits, Line In @ 48KHz max
Audio 1 Channel
Power Voltage 5VDC (+/- 10%) @ 1A peak (can pass-through power up to .5A)
Power Consumption 2 watts average (more if power is passed through)
Flash 500 MB Nand Flash
Clock Non-volatile real time clock
Configuration 512 Kb EEPROM
GPIO Lines 4 inputs TTL (5V)
Serial Port RS-232 (2 ports), 1 control and 1 user programmable, GPS interface
Storage SD/SDHC/Micro SD Card Interface (32GB) option
Video Buffer Up to 10 second pre-alarm buffer
Codec Maxim MG3500
I²C I²C control for Videology cameras (or pass through)
RS-232 Available for PTZ camera control (Pan Tilt Zoom)
Network Interface 10/100 Base-T Ethernet (RJ-45)
Network Protocol(s) TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, DHCP, NTP, RTSP
Multistreaming Yes
Multicast Future
Mechanical & Environmental
Dimensions 42mm x 42mm x 15.4mm (1.65" x 1.65" x 0.60")
Weight 23g (0.81oz)
Operating Temp. 0°C - 65°C (32°F - 149°F)
Operating Humidity 10% - 99% non-condensing
Storage Temp. -20°C - 75°C (-4°F - 167°F)
Storage Humidity 10% - 99% non-condensing
Standards RoHS
60SVM1 dimensions
POE (AT) 72V0176-5 5V 42mm x 42mm (requires cables)
SD Card 70M04GB 4GB sd card (minimum class 6 required)
70M08GB 8GB sd card (minimum class 6 required)
60C1-U I²C control kit for Videology HD cameras
I/O Board Connectors & Optional Cables
Connectors Cable Part# Description
J400 60C1094 (10 pin) Ethernet
J401 60C1152 (03 pin) Audio in/out (RCA)
J402 60C1100 (10 pin) SD Card Interface
J404 60C1145 (05 pin) Debug RS-232 & user serial (recommended)
60C1145-1 Optional cable for 60SVM1-E (requires SDK)
J405 60C1151 (05 Pin) SPI top JST to flying leads
J406 24C1.3XDIG-01 (30 pin) Videology digital camera with cable and interface board
J407 60C1158 (02 pin) 5VDC Power In
J408 60C1154 (04 pin) S-Video Y/C video IN
J409 N/A (02 pin) Analog BNC video out (Future)
J410 60C1179 (03 pin) I²C Controller to flying leads
J412 60C1151 (05 pin) GPIO top JST to flying leads
J600 Production use only (05 Pin) Micro Controller Programming
Note: Customers ordering the server with our digital cameras must order a kit which includes a digital camera interface board and cable.
Please contact a Videology sales representative for kit model options.

Software/GUI (See User Manual for Setup Details)

Viewer Requirements OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP
Browser: Internet Explorer 7.x +
Media Players VLC, Quicktime (version dependent 1.x), Quicktime, Windows Media Player (version 11 or higher)
Security Password Protection, 3 levels of user privilege
Web Server Access 1 Administrator and up to 100 simultaneous users
Embedded OS Linux
Included Software Web GUI SFT-12004 Pre-loaded on 60SVM1
Optional SDK PSIA SDK SFT-12002-K 60SVM1-E
Ordering Information
60SVM1 Preloaded Web Viewer
60SVM1-E Preloaded Web Viewer, SDK, engineering evaluation version
60SVM10 Server w/ I/O Board, Preloaded Web Viewer
60SVM10-D Server w/ I/O Board, Preloaded Web Viewer, with no audio, USB or analog inputs
60SVM10-P Server w/ I/O Board, Preloaded PSIA SDK
60SVM10-DP Server w/ I/O Board, Preloaded PSIA SDK, with no audio, USB or analog inputs